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Who Brian Is

Brian Berman is an experienced estate planning attorney who focuses as much on the people as the numbers.

What Brian Does

Brian helps clients with their estate planning needs ranging from core estate plans to complex gift/estate tax planning.

Where Brian Works

Brian operates an almost exclusively virtual practice using the latest technology to aid, rather than replace, personal touch.

Have questions about estate planning?

Wide experience. narrow focus.


Practice Areas

INdustries Frequently served

column2-image1Basic Estate Planning


column2-image1Wealth Transfer

column3-image1Tech Founders

column2-image1Business Succession Planning

column3-image1Real Estate Holders

column2-image1Post-Death Administration

column3-image1Entertainment Talent

column2-image1California Property Tax 



column2-image1Business Entity Formation

column3-image1PE/VC Partners

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Let’s work together

Brian will work with you and your other advisors to give you the highest quality advice possible.